REVIEW: Nikki O’Neill Captivates As She Sings About Love And Relationships On “World Is Waiting”



On her enthralling new album World is Waiting singer songwriter Nikki O’ Neill offers up seven wonderfully relevant songs about love and relationships that both enchant and uplift you as a listener in a way that will have you humming and thinking about them days after your first auditory experiences with them.

The opening number “That’s How You Lose Her” is a cautionary tale for all male listeners about the dangers of disrespecting the woman that you love, which while is always a good message for an artist to present and for their audience to hear, is especially relevant now as we all live through and navigate the daily stresses of life in 2020.

O’Neill directly follows that with the upbeat and lively “A Man For All Seasons,”  in which she explicitly delineates the kind of man she needs – basically one who will stay with her, love her, and stand by her through thick and thin – which is also like the opening song, a particularly on spot tune for the present time.

Taking a turn to honor her faith and her relationship with God, O”Neill on the third song of the record, sings about God’s love for her with the gospel music inspired “A Place At The Table,” which also serves as the perfect lead in to the titular song in which she presents a magnificent anthem for this year and beyond with it’s love and justice for all declarations and message.

O’Neill rounds out the album with the three songs “All I Wanna Be Is Yours,” “You’re The Only One Who Gets Me,” and “Take Back What I Said” that respectively talk about the wondrous nature of attraction and the need to maintain our amorous relationships with each other through our self aware words and actions.

All told, with World Is Waiting, Nikki O’Neill gives us one of the brightest and most pleasant listening experiences of the year that leaves you with a deeper sense of appreciation of and gratitude for the people and things we love in this life. And to that I say “Amen”. World Is Waiting on Blackbird Records is now available on the artists’ website.


Nikki O’Neill: lead vocals, lead guitar on “World is Waiting,” rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, handclaps, Joshua Pessar: lead guitar on “That’s How You Lose Her,” slide guitar on “A Man for All Seasons,” rhythm guitar, handclaps, Rob Fresco: electric bass, Rich Lackowski: drums, percussion, handclaps, Doug Organ: piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, Jon Gold: Hammond organ on “That’s How You Lose Her”, Halina Janusz: backing vocals, Lisa Malsberger: backing vocals, Manda Mosher: backing vocals, Deb Morrison-Littell: backing vocals, Joshua “Cartier” Cutsinger: handclaps

Produced by Nikki O’Neill and Joshua “Cartier” Cutsinger



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