Song Premiere: Alex Rhodes “Oh Sheila”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Alex Rhodes’ song “Oh Sheila” from his forthcoming album Hometown Rootage, due out on October 16. Hometown Rootage was produced by Kieran Kelly (Sufjan Stevens, Angus & Julia Stone), Keith Sigel, and Joel Turner.  “Oh Sheila” is Alex Rhodes on acoustic guitar and vocals; Keith Sigel ( of Bridges and Powerlines) on bass, accordion, and vocals; Joel Turner (of To Better Waters) on electric guitar; and Jon Epcar on drums.

In a musical arrangement that strikes the best Americana chords, Alex Rhodes rocks your soul in melancholy and catharsis on this one.  We all have regrets, and Alex Rhodes pulls them straight out and sets them right in front of you to release. Check it out. And look for the video to be available on October 25.  

Like a lot of people, nights in my late teens and early 20s, revolved around drinking…a lot. For me, those nights often led to thoughtless words and actions.
You think you’re funny. You’re not.
You get louder when you should stop talking. (Insert record scratching; party stopping.)
Sheila is a friend who represents a lot of those nights in this song. It takes a look back at the regret from those nights, and sums them all up in an apology to this friend. — Alex Rhodes

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