Video Premiere: Colleen Orender “Love Me Harder”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Colleen Orender’s song “Love Me Harder,” from her upcoming album.   “Love Me Harder” was produced by Michael Davey, and features Colleen Orender on vocals; Michael Davey on keys, guitar and bass; Rory Hoffman on tenor sax and Wes Little on drums.  

The video was directed by Yuri Figuaro with assistant director Sandra Watson.  With a strong focus on exasperation from wrangling for attention within a relationship, this video taps into the drive to make our own night out, if only we all could have our own band to bring.  Colleen Orender really lays it down.  

I hope this is a fun video for my fans. I borrowed Waylon Jennings vintage limo for this shoot and called in some of my greatest friends and bandmates in Nashville. It was a blast.

When we realized we couldn’t get an entire brass/woodwind section in the studio because of the pandemic, I called Rory Hoffman and gave him an empty track with no real direction. He, of course, lit up the track with saxophones from Baritenor and gave it that classic sound in a few hours. I’m so lucky to know and work with the greatest players in the world in Nashville.

I wrote this song about the endless conversations I’ve had and overheard on the road and over the years with women and men about the difference in our libidos as we age. I definitely wrote this from a light-hearted female perspective.

I’ve been listening to and singing blues and R&B music since I was in elementary school. My dad introduced me to the great John Lee Hooker and many more like him when I was a little girl. I could imagine this song on an Etta James record. I wanted to write a song that sounded like the 70s and 80s blues and R&B records I was enamored with. Like Denise La Salle, and even some of the stuff Aretha released back then. Women always gave men their business in those songs, and I wanted it to have a little bit of that vibe. I think just about any grown person can relate to these lyrics. — Colleen Orender

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