Song Premiere: Ransom Brothers “High Hopes”


Americana Highways brings you this premiere of the Ransom Brothers’ song “High Hopes,” the title track from their forthcoming album.  High Hopes was produced by Chris Beall at Jumping Dog Studio / Beall Street Sudio, engineered by Ron Flynt, mastered by Nick Landis.   “High Hopes” is Sean McHargue on vocals and guitar, Ron Flynt on B3 organ; Daniel Solis on guitar, Harmoni Kelley on bass and Daniel James on drums. The song was written by Sean McHargue and Daniel Solis.

Slide this one in at the outlaw country end of your collection.  With a resolute energy, the Random Brothers launch your hopes high, oscillating between expectation and fear of missing out. 

We were sitting in the living room on a week night having a couple glasses of whiskey and Sal started jamming this riff. I really liked the groove of it so I just started writing down the first things that came to mind and mixed in some lines I had written down before. Before we knew it, we had put together a hard driving, gritty rock song. The idea behind High Hopes came from life as both a gigging musician and an average, working class guy. I was a window cleaner for my day job and one day I was hanging off of a 7 story building thinking to myself “the only thing between me and the ground is a rope, a harness, and high hopes.” About 3 hours and 3 glasses of whiskey later that day, we wrote a song.  — Sean McHargue


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