Video Premiere: Bob Hillman “This is Wild Land”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Bob Hillman’s song “This is Wild Land” from his forthcoming album Inside & Terrified, produced by Jonny Flaugher. “This is Wild Land” is Bob Hillman on acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals; Jonny Flaugher on bass; Jay Bellerose on drums; David Levita on nylon-string guitar; Paul Cartwright on violin and viola; and Maria Taylor on harmony vocals. 

The video was directed by Bob Hillman with ethereal footage of nature, underscoring the frailty of human constructs.  His songwriting strikes a universal chord with lines like “strangely I feel safe after dark” connoting the enveloping comfortable immensity of the land.  All this, set to an easy musical arrangement. 

“This Is Wild Land” is about the Great Highway at the western edge of San Francisco, which has been closed to cars since March. Pretty quickly – parts of the road were covered with sand. Is Mother Nature trying to take it back?

I love Paul Cartwright’s string arrangement and performance on this track, especially the way it interacts with my and Maria Taylor’s harmonies. — Bob Hillman

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