Video Premiere: Jeremiah Johnson “Unemployed and Highly Annoyed”

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Photo Credit – Dawn Wilcox

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Jeremiah Johnson’s song “Unemployed and Highly Annoyed, the title track from his forthcoming album due on October 30. Unemployed and Highly Annoyed (Ruf Records) was produced, recorded and mixed by Paul Niehaus IV at Blue Lotus Studios, St Louis MO.

“Unemployed and Highly Annoyed” is Jeremiah Johnson on lead vocals and guitars; Paul Niehaus IV on bass, keys and backing vocals; Tony Antonelli on drums, percussion and backing vocals. Video was produced by Dan Waterman.  Jeremiah Johnson connects with his fans for good reason, and this shows exactly why.  With a blend of songwriting timeliness, killer grooves, and powerful delivery, plus, he has true insight: “You can’t call it freedom if you don’t have a choice” is as profound a line as it gets.   

Watching the news networks and social media, you can easily get sucked into what I call the “COVID-19 Paranoia Vortex of Fear”. I have been trying to keep a positive attitude while doing everything I can to keep my head above water and stay healthy. But that can be hard when the world seems to have gone mad. I found myself screaming out loud, “Calm the hell down!”, “Stop freaking out!” and “Have a little faith, things are gonna come around.” I think this is something most of us can relate with. Crank it up and have a little fun! – Jeremiah Johnson

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