Song Premiere: Annie Dressner “Look What You’re Doing To Us”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Annie Dressner’s song “Look What You’re Doing to Use” from her upcoming album Coffee at the Corner Bar, due for release on September 4th.

Coffee at the Corner Bar was produced by Paul Goodwin; mixed and mastered by Louie Lino at RESONATE in Austin, Texas.

“Look What You’re Doing To Us” is Annie Dressner on vocals, acoustic guitar and backing vocals; Paul Goodwin on electric guitar, piano, organ, synth, bass, harmonium, mandolin, harmonica, backing vocals, percussion, glockenspiel and programming; Matthew Caws on electric guitar.

With a palpable cynicism, Annie Dressner crafts perfect rainy day coffeehouse songs.

I mostly write autobiographical songs, but sometimes I enjoy being inspired by newspaper articles or stories that I hear. This song is based on one such story about betrayal and I thought it would be fun to write a sort of folk anthem about it. ‘What about time, when it all just runs out? Where will you be then, when nobody’s around? Well, I guess that you thought of it, ’cause look what you’re doing to us’ – the song plays with the idea of forgiveness and what is actually important and questions the motives behind betrayal and its aftermath.

I think that most people have dealt with conflict, so hopefully, this song will be relatable in that way, either from the perspective of the person telling the story or the person who is being sung to. The song is not entirely revengeful either, it is sort of in-between when you feel betrayed but you still miss the person – like right at the end of a long-term romantic relationship. — Annie Dressner 

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