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March came around, and readjusted all of our schedules. For me, I was going out multiple times a week to meet with artists touring through Colorado, and sharing multiple ‘smallsongs’ a week. ‘smallsongs’ are small & stripped down performances on the streets featuring artists at their rawest. That process quickly died out due to social distancing, and I was forced to reimagine ‘smallsongs’ with ‘smallsongs from home.’ The performances are still small & stripped down, but now the artists are playing tunes from the comfort of their homes.

Some incredible artists like Gabby’s World, Shamir, Calvin Love, Matthew Gray, Tip Toes, Luka Kuplowsky & more have already performed on ‘smallsongs from home.’ This week is Luke De-Sciscio week as he plays a song of his that won’t be released for a very long time called “An Honour.” This mesmerizing & meditative performance from the one of a kind Luke De-Sciscio serves as a perfect little distraction to dive into for 6 minutes and 46 seconds. Drink a cup of tea. Take a deep breath, and watch this:

I used to lay in bed, when I found one of THOSE songs, and with my headphones on play that song on repeat until it became a part of my soul. Examples include : Porcelain by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blue by Joni Mitchel, Beside You by Van Morrison. My life’s mission has been to write one of those songs, close your eyes, loop it, drift it away,” and he continued “smallsongs asked me to send them a video for their channel. I was staying with a friend, by the sea, when I wrote this one in a mad dash flurry -feeing the mildew of this year alight. ‘An Honour’ is a song about perseverance and gratitude, patience and belonging. — Luke De-Sciscio

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