REVIEW: Imogen Clark Shows Power as a Songwriter on the EP “The Making of Me”


Imogen Clark is an Australian singer-songwriter who has been playing gigs since she was 13. That allows plenty of time for lessons on how to capture the listener’s attention and how to craft a song. On her new EP The Making of Me, it’s clear that she has taken those lessons to heart.

Of the new album, Clark said, “My whole career I’ve felt beholden to other people’s ideas of who I am or what my music should be. Now I’m punching my way out of that box, not letting anyone else define me.”

There is a running theme of being suppressed in a relationship, almost to the point that one person in the relationship loses identity because of the actions of the other. Clark has a way with words in describing this dynamic. In “My Own Worst Enemy,” she sings, “After keeping me in black and white, I’m TechniColor.” Later in the album, she sings, “You don’t have to push me down to breathe.”

The most devastating example of this relationship suppression is in “Paper Boat.” In this one, she sings, “You pulled me from the sinking ship, then you fed me to the hungry sharks. You told me I was beautiful as you pushed me out to sea.” Her voice does a tremendous job of conveying the pain while the melody brings Edie Brickell and New Bohemians to mind.

It’s clear throughout these six songs that that she won’t be defined by any particular style. There is plenty of pop influence to be heard. You can also hear a fair amount of rock, and even a bit of soul as in the title track. That being said, the real power of the album is in the vocals and the lyrics. Clark poured herself into these lyrics, and you can’t help but feel something when you hear her sing.

This is a well-crafted EP. Clark shows herself to be a powerful singer-songwriter. She said, “I want someone who’s going through a f—ed-up time to hear these songs and find the strength within them to come out stronger on the other side.” Mission accomplished. The Making of Me will be available everywhere on August 21. Order your copy here.


Imogen Clark, lead vocals, harmony vocals, hand claps

Alex Lahey – Guitar synthesizer, programming

Mike Bloom – electric guitar, 12-string guitar, high-strung acoustic guitar, bass, harmony vocals, hand claps

Benmont Tench – keyboards

Will Golden – shaker, tambourine

Richard Bloom – finger snaps

Daniel Brummel, Jeremy Dylan – hand claps

Produced and mixed by Mike Bloom

Engineered by Will Golden and Tim Sonnenfeld

Recorded in Los Angeles at Sir Tiger and Red Star


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