Song Premiere: Cidny Bullens “Little Pieces”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Cidny Bullens’ song “Little Pieces” from his forthcoming album Walkin’ Through This World, available Aug 21. Walkin’ Through This World was co-produced by Ray Kennedy and Cidny Bullens, and features guest vocalists Rodney Crowell, Beth Nielson Chapman, Jess Leary, Mary Gauthier, Siobhan Kennedy, and Reid Bullens Crewe.

Against a backdrop of delicious groove, Cidny Bullens exposes the shifting identities we play throughout a lifetime. Then pre-order the glittering album full of songs all backed by some of Americana’s other finest voices.

How many lifetimes do we live in one? I know I have lived many. In each one I’ve played a different role. And each time it seems, pieces of the prior life get slowly torn away like scraps of a paper that tells that particular story—”little pieces falling away”. Our new lives don’t always appear right away. Questions and doubts emerge. The rub is that it’s usually we, ourselves that make these choices to move into the unknown to begin with. — Cidny Bullens

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