Song Premiere: 49 Winchester “Everlasting Lover”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of 49 Winchester’s song “Everlasting Lover” from their upcoming album III. The song was written by Isaac Gibson, and recorded live at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, Kentucky, and mixed, mastered and produced by Kenny Miles of Eastern Kentucky based band, Wayne Graham.

The song features Isaac Gibson on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Noah Patrick on steel guitar, Bus Shelton on electric guitar, Dillon Cridlin on drums, Chase Chafin on bass guitar, and Don Eanes on electric organ and keys.

“Everlasting Lover” is a soul-stirring, unabashed love song that serves as a profound tribute to the woman in Gibson’s life, who has continually been his anchor during moments of desolation. The song demonstrates 49 Winchester’s versatility as musicians by presenting a slower, more personal country sound that has the capacity to stay with you long after you have heard it.

It’s a pretty un-sugar-coated love song. Not many sweet nothings, but that was never my style. It’s basically a song I wrote for my girlfriend Olivia, during a time in my life where I was fighting some demons that kept rearing their ugly head. The basis of the song is really just about how she kept on loving me through it all and saw me through to the other side of that dark place. It’s really as much a thank you note as it is a love song. – Isaac Gibson

We wanted to release ‘Everlasting Lover’ first because it’s a song that we had been playing live for about a year, so a lot of fans who come see us regularly know and love it. This studio version really captures it nicely. It is a good example of the new sound we have crafted collaborating with Kenny, and previews the record to follow. – Chase Chafin

49 Winchester’s highly anticipated third album III is available for preorder on Bandcamp and will be released to all digital and streaming platforms on Friday, October 2, 2020.

You can order and save the music here, and the song is just below the links. Anyone who preorders the album will get an instant gratification download of “Everlasting Lover” and a bonus track, “Long Hard Life.”

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