Song Premiere: Shira “Go Uncharted”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Shira’s song “Go Uncharted” from her upcoming EP, Birds of a Feather, due out 9/18. “Go Uncharted” is Shira on vocals, lyrics and music; Paul Carbonara on guitars and musical production; Yonatan Gutfeld on piano; Inbar Paz on bass; Dan Pugach on drums; Sam Quiggins and Susan D. Mandel on cello; Jane Young and Frederika Krier on violin. The project was recorded at Diamond Mine Studios in Queens; mixed by Michael Birnbaum & Christopher Bittner at Applehead Recording; mastered by Chris Athens Master.

The lyric video was animated by Daniel Gerber and illustrated by Almog Golan.  The animation in the video seamlessly accompanies the song’s messages of affection for place.  Shira presents an authentic narrative of longing for places we call home, as we head toward new frontiers — a metaphor we can all relate to right now.

I’ve been living in NYC for the past 11 years. It’s the best long-term-relationship I’ve ever had. She’s taken me to places I didn’t even know to wish for, she’s inspired me in every step I took on her hard concrete path, but every now and then I need to get out. I need to “smell the wildflowers” and “see my reflection in a pool of sky.”

I wrote this song on the first day of my US tour last year. I was so excited to go, but somehow as I was looking in my rearview mirror and seeing my favorite skyline- I was missing her already.

Since COVID started I have been out of the city and can’t really financially afford to come back anytime soon. As I reimagine how to share healing music and connect with my people I hope to find new uncharted and creative ways that will bring us even closer and to bring them back to my beautiful city. — Shira

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