REVIEW: Ryan Cassata Inspires With “The Witches Made Me Do It”


On The Witches Made Me Do It, singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata offers up a collection of songs that ultimately transcend the sometimes dark circumstances that they describe and were inspired by.

In so doing, Cassata once again displays his superior lyrical and compositional skills with an honest, frank, and rebellious intensity that reaffirms that he is one of modern music’s most essential and important artists.

With the eight songs on the record, he takes on a wide range of subjects including love, relationships, life after trauma, being an outsider, the hypocrisy of the Catholic church, and being transgender in America with unflinching candor and disarming wit.

Using the common threads of perseverance against seemingly insurmountable odds, the celebration of the individual, and finding and protecting love in the face of recalcitrant discrimination and hatred, he weaves an album that easily ranks as one of the most defiant, bold, and courageous records of the year thus far.

Some highlights include the cheeky and provocative “Bamboo Plants”, the epic and spiritual “Holy, Holy Hold Me”, the affecting and resilient “Catcher In The Rye”, the fiery and impassioned “Never Lied” and the moving and beautiful “We’re Still Living”.

It is no small feat in this life to overcome the harrowing circumstances and adverse conditions that we all, in one form or another, have to face. As a person, Ryan Cassata has overcome his share of adversity with a positivity and spirit that should inspire all of us. The music that he has created on this album is not only a testament to the power of music and its ability to help us rise above the forces that would weigh us down, but to the human spirit as well. Want to hear what transcendence sounds like? Listen to The Witches Made Me Do It and you’ll get an idea. 

The Witches Made Me Do It by Ryan Cassata is available on his website, where you can also read more about his story.

Credits : Ryan Cassata – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Stephen Spies – Violin, Viola, Electric Guitar, Piano, Additional Production, Kyle Dombroski – Drums, Percussion, Additional Production,Rory Snively – Bass, Production: Ryan Cassata – Composer, Liner Notes, Jeni Mckenna – Composer, Jason Hiller, Ryan Cassata – Producer, Jason Hiller – Mix/Master Engineer,Ryan Cassata

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