Song Premiere: Todd Wright & Ethan Mentzer’s “Bluebirds” on Rock By the Sea’s Compilation for Charity

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Album is a compilation by nonprofit group Rock By the Sea Write By the Sea Vol. 2, available on June 26. The completion arose from an in-person event where songwriters met in a St. George Island, Florida house to write, produce, engineer and record the project. The proceeds from Write By the Sea Vol. 2 are designated for brain cancer research.

This contribution was written and performed by Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer; this track was produced by Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer and mixed by Brian Fechino.

Showing the influences of the sea, the music of Wright and Mentzer is intrinsically both fluid and dramatic.

“Bluebirds” is a song Ethan and I wrote at Write By The Sea on St. George Island in Florida. WBTS is a spinoff from Rock By the Sea that raises money/awareness for cancer charities. A bunch of writers crammed in a beautiful house with an incredible view. “Bluebirds” happened on Day 3 or 4 and I think it was born from a title and half-written on a bike ride Ethan and I took across the island. We must’ve sounded ridiculous singing ideas back and forth while huffing and puffing in the Florida heat. We put the track together on our laptops in the quietest room we could find and Brian Fechino took it the rest of the way with a gorgeous mix. — Todd Wright

I’m thrilled that “Bluebirds” is getting some love from Americana’s quite fitting as much of that song was written by Todd Wright and me on our daily bike rides on St George Island during Write By The Sea 2019. Every day was sunny — perfect for riding, so we did that before meeting up with the rest of the group each day which led us to a lyric about long roads. This was my first “WBTS” experience and it was a real blast to spend a week with such fantastic writers and performers from around the country — all participating to raise money for brain cancer research. The track was self-produced (Wright and Mentzer) and mixed by Brian Fechino. — Ethan Mentzer


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