Video Premiere: Saro Lynch-Thomason and Sam Gleaves “10,000 Miles Away”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Saro Lynch-Thomason and Sam Gleaves’ interpretation of Si Kahn’s song “10,000 Miles Away.”  “10,000 Miles Away was part of Lynch-Thomason and Gleaves’ album I Have Known Women. The album was engineered and mixed by Ben Bateson at the East Tennessee State University Recording Lab.

The video is Saro Lynch-Thomason on vocals; Sam Gleaves on guitar and harmony vocals; Hasee Ciaccio on bass; and Liam Purcell on fiddle. The videography is by Rebecca Jones.  In the most traditional sense, Lynch-Thomason and Gleaves, along with Si Kahn, have created a timeless folk song, based on an anguished tale.

The first time we heard this song, Sam and I were struck by its moving commentary on the criminal justice system, and we knew we wanted to make it part of our album. Si Kahn, author of ‘10,000 Miles Away’ was inspired to write the song because of an encounter he had while speaking at a conference about his decade working for prison justice. A woman approached Si and told him that her nephew, a native Hawaiian, had been serving time in a public prison close enough to home that his mother could visit him regularly. In a cost saving measure, the State of Hawaii farmed him out to a corporate for-profit prison in rural southern Georgia. His mother sold her house so she could afford to buy an air ticket to go visit him.” -Saro Lynch-Thomason

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