Video Premiere: David Myles “Home”

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Americana Highways brings us this video premiere of David Myles’ song “Home” from his new album Leave Tonight. Leave Tonight was produced by James Bunton and engineered by Chris Stringer.  The record is David Myles on acoustic guitar and vocals; Alan Jeffries on acoustic guitar and vocals; Kyle Cunjak on upright bass and vocals, with Joshua Van Tassel on percussion.

David Myles produced this video while socially distancing, with Kyle Cunjak and Alan Jeffries.  The mark of distinction on Leave Tonight is the exacting vocal harmonies over gentle string music.  “Home” winds around the nostalgia in all our hearts right now.

One of the things I miss most these days is playing with my band. These are guys I’ve been playing with for over 10 years. They’ve been my touring partners, they’ve played on most of my records and we’re all from the same hometown. This was a song I wrote with them in mind. We all love bluegrass and I knew this one would be a really fun one to play and, particularly, fun to sing. Putting together this video, though not the same as playing in the same room, was really fun. It was so nice to see their faces, hear their voices and treat it like a big jam. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed getting the band back together! — David Myles

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