Video Premiere: Bone Blanket’s “Chico Feo”

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“Chico Feo” from Bone Blanket’s forthcoming release All The Hell I Can Get was written and recorded by Jeff Pupa in Somerville, NJ. Both were mixed and mastered by Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studio in Williston, VT.  Jeff Pupa plays all the instruments on the song.

With swingy indie folk rhythms, Bone Blanket will pull you on a sonic ride through the land of wishes and back to reality on All the Hell I Can Get.

“Chico Feo” is that place in your mind you envision as being the perfect form of escape through debauchery. It’s a heightened (but skewed) sense of ultimate satisfaction, unmatchable elation; there is no pressure there, no social stigma, nothing expected of you from others, just pure acceptance. But the crushing feelings of self-deprecation and guilt that accompany the hangover the next day, well those are inescapable after you leave. The ugly boy will be staring right back at you the next day. — Jeff Pupa

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