Song Premiere: Georgia Dish Boys “Open the Windows and Unlock the Doors”


Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Georgia Dish Boys song “Open the Windows and Unlock the Doors” from their forthcoming album Suitcase of Love. The album was recorded and mixed by Henry Barbe at Chase Park Transduction, and mastered by Joel Hatstat.

“Open the Windows and Unlock the Doors” is Seth Martin on acoustic guitar; Robert Hibbs on electric guitar; Garrett Hibbs on bass; Eric Zock on drums; Tyler Key on pedal steel;  and Mark Plemmons on piano, and organ.  With an energetic alternative rock style, the Georgia Dish boys take you on a wry, sonic ride all of their own making.

Olivia Anderson, who often writes and sings with us sent me the lyrics as a poem of encouragement while the band was on tour out West. We were driving across the desert to get to the show that night and couldn’t stop much. The next time we pulled over at a gas station, I stayed in the van and dug my guitar out and put the words to music. The song was done by the time we left the parking lot. 

The scene at the beginning of the song is from us trying to find a place to park before loading in for a show. I had been making the audio verite recordings on tour and at one point everyone started doing it. We’d get back to the motel and somebody would say, “y’all gotta hear this.” It sort of became a little game to see who could get the best stuff. We took it so far one night that it somehow resulted in a free hotel room in Texas. The bit on the front of this song came from the band recording me getting back in the van after going into the bar to see where we needed to park for the gig that night.

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