REVIEW: Ana Cristina Cash Offers Up An Exciting Brew Of Jazz And Country With “Shine”


On her new album Shine (Avondale Records) singer/ songwriter Ana Cristina Cash delivers a distinctive mix of jazz and country songs quite unlike anything else in recent memory. Produced by her husband John Carter Cash (son of Johnny and June Carter Cash), the album swings back and forth between the two genres and stands as a testament to both Cash’s smooth and powerful voice, which sounds like a cross between Carrie Underwood and Diana Krall, and to her sizable songwriting skills.

On the album, Cash garners a full songwriting credit on one of the songs and co-songwriting credits on 11 other tracks, most notably on “Brand New Pair of Shoes,” a song on which she shares the credit with her late father-in-law. Taking the lyrics once penned by The Man in Black, she fashions the song into a jazz-inspired number that would have made the singer of “Ring of Fire” proud. 

Heavy horns and muted trumpets are heard alongside both steel and twangy guitars on this incredibly diverse album and other highlights include the rockabilly tour-de-force “Tough Love Woman,” the smoky and bluesy “Outlaw Blues,” the heartbreaking and slow-burning “Broken Roses,” the Loretta Lynnish “Tug of War,” and the two strong and fresh covers on the album – Roy Orbison’s “Dream”  and John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind.”

Born to Cuban parents who immigrated to Miami, Florida in the 1960s at the height of the Cuban Revolution, Cash is a bilingual artist who has been singing professionally since the age of six. On her second full – length English speaking album (the first being an album titled The West Coast Sessions in 2016), Cash demonstrates a marvelous capacity to communicate musically across two distinctively American musical styles and leaves the listener anticipating where her talent and skills will take her next.

Shine by Ana Cristina Cash will be available April 24th on      

Credits: Producer: John Carter Cash, Electric Guitar: Dave Daeger, Justin Johnson, Jamie Hartford, Kenny Vaughan, Shawn Camp, Acoustic Guitar: Bill Miller, Dave Daeger, John Carter Cash, Chris Scruggs, Bass: Dave Roe, Mike Brignardello, Mark W. Wichester, Byron House, Ira Dean, Drums/Percussion: Rick Lonow, Jimmy Lester, Jerry Roe, Chuck Turner,Derrek Phillips, B3: Mike Webb, Tony Harrell,Trumpet: Elijah Hall,Trombone: Darion Woods, Cory Fitz, Saxophone: Stefan Forbus,Organ/Piano: Tony Harrell,Mandolin: Matt Combs,Justin Johnson, Fiddle: Matt Combs,Harmonium:Tony Harrell, Harmonica: Charlie McCoy, Archtop Guitar:Andy Reiss, Keyboards: Jimmy Wallace, Mike Webb,Tony Harrell,Wurlitzer: Tony Harrell,Mike Webb, Slide Guitar: Bob Britt, Steel Guitar: Paul Franklin, Chris Scruggs, Moog Synthesizer: Joseph Cash, Electric Slide Guitar and Resonator: Justin Johnson, Native American Flute:Bill Miller, Accordion: Mike Webb, Vocals / Background Vocals: Ana Cristina Cash, Shawn Camp,Harry Stinson, Songwriting Credits: Ana Cristina Cash, Jodi Marr, Jim E Camacho, Mark W.Winchester, John Carter Cash, Shawn Camp, Clare Bowen, Kevin Dunne, Suzanne Harper, Bill Miller, Johnny Mercer, John Anderson      .

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