Playlist of Peacefulness by Ron Pope

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Photo by Nicole Mago

Playlist by Ron Pope:

Right now, with so much madness swirling around in the world, I’m looking for music that feels peaceful. Each of these songs sounds so honest; listening to them is like being told a whispered story by an old friend. That’s the kind of listening I’m doing these days.

1. Caroline Spence – Sit Here And Love Me

2. Lilly Hiatt – Move

3. Michaela Anne – By Our Design

4. Katie Pruitt – Georgia

5. Sierra Hull – Everybody’s Talking

6. Nicki Bluhm – Last To Know

7. Emily Scott Robinson – Overalls

8. Hailey Whitters – Janice At The Hotel Bar

9. Lori McKenna – A Mother Never Rests



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