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‘smallsongs’ is a YouTube series brought to you by Americana Highways with small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest.

In January I got the opportunity to meet the great Stevie Kin at “Stella’s Gourmet Coffee & Such” on S Pearl Street in Denver where she performed “Lady in Waiting” & “Blossom,” two acoustic tunes off her recent ep “petals” !

She brought her mom who you can see in the background, filming some behind the scenes footage. We also shot a third small song for a new tune that is yet to be released. In a recent post at the beginning of March, Stevie wrote that she’s currently recording her first full-length record.

I’m so excited to listen in as her music evolves. With this first ep “petals,” she gives us a small sample size of beautiful and atmospheric songs. Kin brought these songs from her bedroom in Nashville to Cape Town, South Africa. There she fined tuned the EP with Steven McKellar, the Civil Twilight Frontman. At times these sounds are reminiscent of Lykke Li, Karen O, Youth Lagoon, or Julee Cruise. But Stevie Kin is certainly carving out her own mesmerizing and timeless path. Each song takes you on a specific journey that isn’t attached to a place or time, but rather inhabits a world of its own.

It’s a strange time for artists and in particular for touring musicians. It’s also the perfect time to delve in to the unique world of Stevie Kin, including her art, music, and writings. On her website you can get a deeper look in to her mind with some of her works like “STREET TREAT,” a collection of images documented on the streets around the world. Or you can find “petals,” three short memoirs about being an artist in Paris. Find it all at

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