Video Premiere: The Matinée’s “Trouble Is”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of the Matinée’s “Trouble Is.”  The song was produced by Erik Nielsen & The Matinée; mixed by Jim Scott; and mastered by Richard Dodd.

“Trouble Is” is Matt Layzell on vocals; Matt Rose on guitars and backing vocals; Geoff Petrie on guitar and backing vocals; Peter Lemon on drums and backing vocals; Marcus Abramzik on bass; Chris Gestrin on keys and Colleen Rennison on featured backing vocals with Dawn Pemberton on additional backing vocals.

The lyric video was edited by Georges Couling. With a ’70s production feel, the Matinée’s “the Trouble Is” is a glorious song with an amalgam of styles, synthesizing the honesty of country with the euphoria of gospel vocal tones.

There’s so much to complain about in the world today, but the artists role isn’t to complain – rather, it is to breathe words into the goings on around us. We wanted to tell it like it is, and for the video, we found someone to listen to the song so we could capture their reaction. The result… well, maybe art is the answer to our problems after all.  — Matt Layzell.

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