Song Premiere: Fireside Collective’s “Fast Train”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Fireside Collective’s song “Fast Train” from their forthcoming album Elements due on March 13 (Crossroads). Elements was produced by Travis Book and Fireside Collective. Elements is Joe Cicero on acoustic guitar, Alex Genova on banjo, Jesse Iaquinto on mandolin, Tommy Maher on dobro and vocals, and Carson White on upright bass.

“Fast Train” is a high energy bluegrass whirlwind with an fundamentally authentic feel.  The heady sense of freedom that Fireside Collective channels is refreshing.

The symbolism and raw power of trains has always intrigued me. I never hopped a train but I imagine the character in this song does it as a way of life. Trains represent freedom, travel, a new journey, or maybe escaping your old life. Either way, the glory and excitement of adventure is something that comes up often when I write. The band nailed the feeling of blowing down a track at top speed and it’s an intense and exciting tune to play. — Tommy Maher

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