REVIEW: The Masterson’s “No Time For Love Songs” Will Ease Your Pains


Singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, long-time touring members of Steve Earle’s The Dukes, and marital musical duo are The Mastersons. Their latest record, No Time for Love Songs, is out March 6th via Red House Records. Recorded with Shooter Jennings at LA’s Sunset Sound and engineered and mixed by Ryan Freeland, No Time for Love Songs, finds The Mastersons building on their well-established musicianship on a record full of perfected performances and homespun harmonies.

Driven by Chris and Eleanor’s harmonies and acoustic acrobatics and created with an amazing group of friends and collaborators including Bonnie Whitmore (vocals and bass), Tyler Chester (bass and keys), Mark Stepro (drums), and Aaron Lee Tasjan (background vocals), No Time for Love Songs finds The Mastersons comfortable and at home with the Southern California vibe that seeps through the songs. Whether due to their phase of life or a move to the West coast, The Mastersons have found a new pace of life that suits them and their songs well. “No Time for Love Songs,” “Spellbound,” “The Silver Line,” and “Pride of the Wicked” stand out among this stellar group of timely tunes critical and probing in an era of compromised morality where civil discourse dies a little more each day.

“No Time for Love Songs” opens over haunting fiddle and piano before breaking into an acoustic guitar driven romp; the duo sings about how, “we starting to unravel at the seams, maybe I care too much and this world is hard enough, how come everybody’s got to be so mean?” A questions fitting for an era, but particularly pertinent in our modern times of political and social contention. The Mastersons touch on climate change, immigration border separations, and continual war before the song’s concluding focus on intimate, personal relationships from which to re-build community.

“Spellbound” builds on these emotions as Eleanor notes, “I told you nice and I’ll tell you again…some say life is a means to an end, we’re all looking for answers and I know that you’re hurting…tell me what are you searching for?” If you’re hurting too, pick up a copy of The Mastersons’ No Time for Love Songs and ease your pains, erase your worries, and enjoy a moment’s respite from the chaotic and cruel world shown on the nightly news.

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