Show Reviews: Todd Snider Improvised with Abandon with Tim Easton at the Auditorium at the Douglass

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I don’t think it’s a well kept secret that most of us here at Americana Highways are big fans of Todd Snider. We’ve covered his shows and albums and also been fortunate to have Todd participate in some interview pieces as well. Snider is a folk singer’s folk singer, a true troubadour, and one hell of an interesting and fun guy. All added up, he’s a performer that should never be missed when he visits your locale.

This time Snider made his tour stop at the beautiful Auditorium At The Douglass. Taking the stage in the repurposed auditorium in Oklahoma City’s historic Douglass High School, Snider received a warm and friendly welcome. Straying from his setlist is nothing new, either to Snider or his devoted fanbase. But, tonight Snider wasted absolutely no time before deviating from his prepared setlist. Rather than opening with “Alright Guy,” he decided on “The Ballad of the Kingsman,” followed by his take on the infamous fugitive “D.B. Cooper.” Besides being a great songwriter, Snider is also a skilled teller of tales. Tonight’s anecdotes were “Todd Snider Rules” leading into “Rose City”, as well as probably one of his best, the “K.K. Rider Story” preceding “Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance” near the set’s end. No matter how many times I’ve heard some of the stories, I never get bored or lose interest. They’re always a highlight.

In between, Snider took requests (“Lonely Girl”, “Play A Train Song”) and improvised and substituted as his mind wandered with carefree abandon. Instead of “Tension” we got “Greencastle Blues,” or rather than “Moon Dawg’s Tavern,” it was Tillamook County Jail.” Throw in a couple of the obvious crowd favorites in, “Beer Run” and “Alright Guy”, as well as the final encore of “Looking For A Job,” and well, it was a great night all around. Great artist, beautiful venue, and a crowd that was respectful but still having fun. What more can you ask for? Except, Todd, when are you coming back? Visit Todd Snider’s website for everything you need right here:

Traveling with Todd for a batch of dates including this one, was Oklahoma favorite, Tim Easton. I had the great pleasure of reviewing Easton’s Exposition last year, and subsequently saw him play one of my favorite sets of songs at last year’s Woody Fest. Working his songwriting magic to fire up the friendly crowd, Easton opened with “Elmore James”, and then “Don’t Lie.” He then made us laugh with “To Be a Great Bluegrass Player You Have To Be A Dick,” and revisited his 2019 release with “Broken Brain” (perfect choice with its weed & Todd Snider reference), and “Piece of Mind.” Never complacent, Easton stays busy. He recently visited Russia, documenting those travels as he navigated the country playing songs, writing new ones, and recording. All of this is captured in the tour journal, “Folk Collusion – Poems, Songs, Stories. My Russian Journal,” which includes a CD of songs as well. Speaking with Tim, I was really happy to hear he’ll be returning to Woody Fest again this year, and I can’t wait to undoubtedly hear another batch of new songs. Check in on Tim Easton’s activities here:

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  1. Great review! I believe, had they not had car trouble, he would’ve played a lot more. But I’ll take what I can get! May 1st at The Kessler in Dallas!

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