Show Review: Flatland Cavalry and William Clark Green Bring Some Red Dirt to Manhattan

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One the best parts of going out to country shows in NYC is the people who come out. Not that it’s surprising, but up here in the Northeast country and western isn’t exactly the natural soundtrack so you can never be sure who will turn up. Plus, on a Saturday night in Manhattan you can go out and do anything you can dream up.

Nevertheless, the Gramercy theatre was full for Flatland Cavalry and William Clark Green on Saturday, February 15th. And there’s more double welted square toed boots than I’ve seen since I was at the Calgary Stampede last July. Flatland Cavalry took to the stage to serious applause. But when they shout-out to either Texas Tech or Lubbock – the place goes completely ballistic.

At this point I have to admit that I was given a ticket with some friends, and I hadn’t ever really dug into Flatland Cavalry’s discography. On Saturday they reminded me of Turnpike Troubadours in a way. With songs like ‘One I Want’, ‘Old School’ and ’Tall City Blues’ it makes sense why they have such an intense following: they’re sincere, got lots of fiddle, and can rip, so what more do you need? The crowd hung on to every word.

Between sets I started talking to the crowd up front. Turns out a serious contingent of like five rows were all Texans working together upstate and seeing both Flatland Cavalry and William Clark Green was a big night, worth the five hour drive. It’s always so cool to see how much support the Red Dirt scene gets anywhere in the country.

By the time William Clark Green started playing, everyone’s a few Bud Lights down: there’s people teaching their dates to two-step getting stuck or slipping on spilt beer and so the lessons end and it’s a sort of an ugly Northeast waltz and twin big grins. Meanwhile Green’s band is leaning into ‘Sympathy’ and ‘Next Big Thing’ and we weren’t really in Manhattan anymore were we?

Both bands are touring extensively for the rest of the year. If they are coming through your town, get out and go see them. You’ll see what I mean.

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