Song Premiere: Coby Brown’s “Everything Looks Different to Me Now”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Coby Brown’s  “Everything Looks Different To Me Now”,  the title track from his 4th album, due out later this year. Everything Looks Different to Me Now was produced by Brown and Justin Stanley (Jamie Lidell, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Bingham) and recorded at Matter Music and Boulevard Recording in Hollywood.  The album personnel includes Coby Brown, Tyler Chester (Andrew Bird, Blake Mills) and John Flaugher (Andra Day, Joseph Arthur) on bass, Aaron Redfield (Hozier, the Bird and the Bee) and Michael Jerome (Richard Thompson, John Cale) on drums, David Immergluck (Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven) on guitars and Ollie Krauss (Sia, Tom McRae) on string arrangement.

With a steady driving beat, Coby Brown will raise your spirits with golden harmonies and echoes of 70s pop.  You’re going to need to listen to this album all the way through.

This song in particular was a work in progress for a very long time. The seed of it came from realizing that I felt most connected to what was possible when I was on an airplane.  I felt more inspired up there detached from everything below.  I’d demoed it for my second record, Stars And Curses, back in 2008, but I didn’t know how to get to what I was hearing in my head at the time so we let it go, but I knew it had something.  It’s special for me because it was the catalyst that pushed me togo from just writing songs on a guitar and arranging them in a rehearsal to learning to produce myself and making the sounds I was hearing in the studio. — Coby Brown

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