Song Premiere: Chad Harvey’s “Heyburn”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Chad Harvey’s “Heyburn” from his upcoming album Run From The Sound (out March 6 on Indie 500 Records). Run From The Sound was produced, engineered and mixed by Marc Johnson and mastered by Andy Vandette. “Heyburn” is Chad Harvey on acoustic guitar, Marc Johnson on electric guitars, Toby Myers on bass, Brian Mullins on drums, Kevin Anker on organ and Mimi Mapes and Kelley Milligan on backing vocals. The album was recorded at the Pop Machine in Indianapolis.

Toby Myers was John Mellencamp’s bass player from 1982-1998; Mimi Mapes sang on Mellencamp’s “Minutes to Memories” which was in his Scarecrow record. Kevin Anker plays keys in the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

With a Neo classic rock style, Chad Harvey will hit you where your heartland vibes live.

This song is all about getting out of the small town where you group. Growing up in Lynnville, Indiana, a town of about of 500 folks in Southwestern, Indiana; all I could think about was seeing what else was out there in the world. Heyburn reminded me of my hometown. Not that Heyburn is a bad place, it is just a good thing to see what else is out there in other world. — Chad Harvey

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