Video Premiere: Chip Greene’s “River Song”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Chip Greene’s “River Song (Live at the 5 Spot)” a song which appeared on his recent release In My Town.  “River Song (Live at the 5 Spot)” is Chip Greene on lead vocals and keys; Doug Gross on bass; Steve Latanation on drums; Marc Lacuesta on rhythm guitar and background vocals; Mary Rodgers on baritone sax; Brandon Birkedahl on lead guitar.

The audio for this video was recorded by Drew Niedzielski, mixed by Marc Lacuesta, and mastered by Harold Larue; the video was directed, fimed and edited by Scot Sax.

With a black and white dramatic effect, the video perfectly captures the live music feel we all crave with an extra touch of the murky.  Chip Greene will be your “go to” album for when you need to get into that dark, late night mood.  “Seek high ground, you better start looking for shelter.”

We’ve probably played more local shows at The 5 Spot in support of this record than any other venue. I’ve been trying to archive all of those shows. The 5 Spot is, in many ways, the heart & soul of the East Nashville music community. Always friendly, familiar faces in there. As a lover of great live albums, I wanted to put out a couple of live tracks from the current record in the context of a venue that means so much to so many of us. Renegade musician/filmmaker and friend Scot Sax shot & edited the footage.– Chip Greene

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