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‘smallsongs’ is a YouTube series brought to you by Americana Highways with small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest.

Back in early August, Matthew Gray of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea (MATAS) flew out to Colorado so we could shoot a music video at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for their upcoming song “Down The Line” which is yet to be released. During that same trip we also took the opportunity to shoot a small song for “Down The Line”

Matthew & I’s creative relationship spans a few years back, but I’ve been a fan of MATAS for over ten years. So looking back on the many music videos, a short film, a feature film, and everything in between that we’ve accomplished together, it has surpassed my wildest dreams. The first music video we made together was for the classic MATAS song “Broke (for years)” so it was only natural for us to also make this small song for “Broke (for years)”

I asked Matthew to give me a little background on “Broke (for years)” and he said that the song “was a first for me. It was the very first song that literally took me years to complete. Throughout the process of writing it, I learned a lot about myself. For me this song is about accepting the beauty you have in your world, and realizing you’d rather die then ever be without it. FYI: I don’t normally talk song realities, but…For Cole I will.”

Part of the beauty and the enigma of Matthew Gray is found within his vagueness. He has a way of purposefully keeping his art/music/ideas/business a mystery. It’s a topic I delved deep in to as I wrote the screenplay for ‘nosebleeders’ and I listened to the true story of early MATAS told from various points of view. The story follows an aspiring musician (young Matthew Gray) when he encounters an otherworldly presence while recording an album with his new band and then inconspicuously every other aspect of his life begins to fall apart. I am so excited to officially debut the first teaser trailer for ‘nosebleeders’ right here!

‘nosebleeders’ is currently in post-production with an expected 2020 release date, so stay tuned!

Matthew included that “MATAS is soo pumped to be releasing a bunch of new tunes in 2020. Not to mention, a tour—Nosebleeders the movie—a brand new short film—and some extra dreamy surprises we can’t quite talk about yet.

” Stay Weird.” 

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