Song Premiere: Slow Parade’s “Spoonful” feat. Liz Brasher

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Americana Highways presents this song premiere of Atlanta-based Slow Parade’s ‘Spoonful’ from their upcoming release Hi-Fi LowLife.  Hi-Fi LowLife was recorded by Damon Moon at Standard Electric Recorders Co; mastered by Joe Lambert with artwork by Chandler Galloway. “Spoonful” is Matthew Pendrick on vocals and guitar; Liz Brasher on vocals; Paul Stevens on drums; Will Pass on bass and Chandler Galloway on piano and organ.

In a rock ‘n roll shuffle, Slow Parade will sashay with you through the woes of television and the news: “The news is rather stormy … won’t somebody sell me something that I need? Just a spoonful of sugar.” You’ll absolutely relate as the music helps ease you through the turbulent social times.

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but stare at billboards. What’s the effect of being endlessly pandered to on such an idiotic level? All of sudden i just wanted to vomit it all up. The whole pill of corporate consumer culture. — Matthew Pendrick

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