Show Review: Shane Smith & the Saints at OKC’s Tower Theatre After Bus Fire

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Photos by Sierra Haney

Ain’t nothin’ gonna slow down the momentum that has been built from Shane Smith & The Saint’s album, Hail Mary. Not even a bus fire that resulted in total catastrophic loss of all their music gear and personal belongings. The fire occurred on Thursday, November 21st as the band was traveling from Austin to Lubbock, Texas between gigs. No injuries were sustained and the band was able to get a ride, find equipment and clothes to play their show at Cook’s Garage in Lubbock. It is absolutely astonishing that the band did not chose to cancel the show to regroup.

Instead, they are doing what they know how to do best, entertain their fans. They did just that in Oklahoma City at The Tower Theatre. The night started off with up and coming phenoms, Chris Jones and the Flycatchers. The crowd, rightfully so, showed up early to catch this hot set from the Norman, Oklahoma based band. The band features the talents of Isaac Stalling on the lead guitar, Brandon Aguilar on the electric bass, Andrew Dolman pounding the beats on drums, and Chris Jones on vocals and rhythm guitar. The night also included the very talented Ken Pomeroy, providing the harmonies. Check out Chris Jones and the Flycatchers’ new album, Songs For Red, on your favorite streaming service and go see this group of talented musicians. A perfect set to start a remarkable night at the Tower.

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Josh Weathers, a Fort Worth based soulful singer-songwriter was next up on the Tower stage. Weathers’ sound is a mix of high energy rock n’ soul that has been honed in for over a 15 plus year career. His set included tunes off of his album, Wild Ones, which was released on July 20th of this year. He played the title track, “Wild Ones,” “Sometime,” “One,” “Before I met you,” and “So Right.” The set also included “I will,” “Herself,” and the classic Dolly Parton song, “I Will Always Love You.” The Parton cover went viral a few years back when Josh released a video of him performing the tune, expanding his reach to a national and global level. In late 2015, Josh and his wife Kady founded a non-profit organization called Love Like You Mean It Intl, after a life changing trip to India. Since the foundation began, Josh has chosen to use his platform to bring awareness to their efforts overseas. If you ever have the chance to witness a live performance…do it. You’ll be a part of something special.

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The lights dimmed, the music on the speakers stopped. Out of the shadows emerged Shane Smith
& The Saints. After a bus fire that resulted in everything but a box of koozies being burned to a crisp, they carried on with their weekend run. In true Texas fashion, they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and went right back to work. Thursday night they put on a show at Cook’s Garage in Lubbock, and then went straight to OKC where they filled the room for an awe-inspiring night of music, stories, and heart felt sentiments about the support they have received. The fiery set included favorites “Oklahoma City,” “Feather in the Wind,” “All I See is You,” and “Hail Mary.” The band is always highly energetic on stage and put on one of the best live performances of  anyone in the genre. The show at the Tower Theater had so much elevated enthusiasm from the packed crowd that made this one of the shows of the year. Several fundraisers and donation pages have been made for the band so that they can replace their equipment and personal effects. However, it is the band’s request that you go to the shows instead. They want you to support their efforts by letting them entertain you as they drive on doing what they love. Playing music for their music family.

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