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‘smallsongs’ is a youtube channel that features small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities, featuring musical acts at their rawest. I’ve just started sharing ‘smallsongs’ from my time spent in Berlin this October.

While this channel/series/sessions/blog/whatever you want to call it, started in Colorado, I had more of a worldly vision for this thing. So getting to travel to Berlin for a month and shooting ‘smallsongs’ with musicians from around the world was that first big step.

Watch ‘october in berlin’ featuring music from Moby here:


Coming soon are videos with bands like Hannah & Falco from Germany, Julie Doiron from Canada, Pearly from Ireland, Cedric Burnside from Mississippi, Bye Mon Ami from Australia, and more.

I had the honor of meeting Ryan Mccaffrey of Go By Ocean while he was on a solo European tour. Before a show in Berlin, he made time for a pit stop at Friedrichstraße Station to meet me.

After enjoying a cup of kaffee, he performed “Feel You More” at:


Then loud trains and hurried humans continued passing by, and he performed a stripped down version of “Fading” off the 2018 Go By Ocean EP “Faded Photographs” at:

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