smallsongs: Girlfriend Cult

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‘smallsongs’ is a youtube channel that features small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest. This week we’ve been sharing ‘smallsongs’ from a particularly unique shoot with the Denver duo Girlfriend Cult.

During a July rainstorm in Denver, I met with Rachel Ellis and Brittany Noel Wright of Girlfriend Cult at the historic Cheesman Park. The park used to function as one of Denver’s first cemeteries in the 1800s, and the location worked out perfectly as it gave us opportunity to have cover from the rain during the shoot.

Under the parthenon, the first small song they performed was a stripped down version of their original song “Time To Move On” which you can watch at:

Various other people hid underneath the parthenon as well, giving Girlfriend Cult an audience for these acoustic performances. The second small song we shot was for their song “Cruel” at:

And the last song we shot together was a more intimate cover of Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts” which you can watch at:

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