Song Premiere: Kathryn Colina’s “Novocaine”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Kathryn Colina’s “Novocaine” from her EP Recovery, which was produced by Kevin Leach (Sonic Pilot), mixed and mastered by Nathan Dantzler, with cover photo by Sarah Hazelgrove. “Novocaine” is Kathryn Colina on lyrics, lead vocal, guitar, and background vocals; Lester Estelle II on drums; Wanda Vick Burchfield on violin and mandolin; Nate Barnes and Mackenzie Pearson on vocal harmonies; and Kevin Leach on lead guitar.

There’s an aura of fresh energy around Kathryn Colina, and this project, Recovery, will deliver it to you on a powerful gust of wind this fall.  Be sure to grab your copy.

This song feels the closest to me out of all six on the EP. The lyrics came to me after the passing of a close friend in 2015. As I sat down to write, the whole story came together in under ten minutes. It rarely happens like that. I quickly pulled out my guitar and started matching the words to melody and felt like I was unraveling the song as if it were already made and I just had to uncover it. It felt so perfect to have two of my best friends, Mackenzie Pearson and Nate Barnes, join me in the studio three years later to sing on the track in honor of our dear friend. — Kathryn Colina

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