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‘smallsongs’ is a youtube channel that features small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities, featuring musical acts at their rawest. The channel started in Colorado, and is now expanding to Berlin and other cites around the world.

This week we’ve been sharing our first ‘smallsongs’ in Berlin and from the German folk artist The Night Gardener. On Tuesday we premiered his song “The Kids Are Hurt” which he says is “an unfinished song on school shootings, Trump, and working too many hours as a corporate slave.” On Friday we premiered our second small song with The Night Gardener called “The Waves” which he says is a song about “life’s organic ups and downs. Very often we fight to stay up, up, up all the time. Takes a lot of energy, doesn’t help with results. I say go with the waves. Be down, swing up again when it comes to you. Let go, find love in return!”

Watch those two ‘smallsongs’:



And now we’re sharing our third small song titled “Little Dancer” with The Night Gardener. These videos were extra special as they broke the vague rule of shooting ‘smallsongs’ on the streets and in the outdoors. We were forced to shoot inside on this rainy shoot day, and it gave The Night Gardener the opportunity to perform his music in a more controlled and intimate environment. It also allowed for him to use a different instrument for each song, starting with the piano, then the acoustic guitar, and now the electric guitar for “Little Dancer.”

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