REVIEW: Joel Paterson’s “Let it Be Guitar!” Demands Repeat Listens


Thinking, “oh, another Beatles collection, hmm? (sigh).” Tired of Beatles themed everything under the sun? Think there can’t possibly be any more worthy musical gems to wring out of a half a century old pop catalogue? Think again!

Joel Paterson’s Let It Be Guitar! (Bloodshot Records) breathes new life into a collection of Beatles’ classics and deep cuts that demands repeat listens while tempting you to reach for the original cuts. From “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “And I Love Her” to “Something” and “Because,” Paterson tests the boundaries of interpretation and creating something at once both familiar and innovative in the process. “And I Love Her” becomes a velvety bossa nova while “Because” inhabits and expounds upon the eeriness of the original. “Michelle,” “Girl,”, and others shimmer with Paterson’s crisp guitar work over a bed of musical stew.

Let It Be Guitar! was recorded at Chicago’s Reliable Recorders and Paterson’s home studio. The record features Joel (guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel), Beau Sample (bass), Alex Hall (drums), and Chris Foreman (Hammond B3 organ).

Featuring his signature blend of vintage jazz, exotica, blues, rockabilly, western swing and country, Joel Paterson’s Let It Be Guitar! embraces the Beatles and this collection of songs in particular as an instrumental outline for a mid-century musical expedition. Want to experience a collection of tunes you can hum along to in a fresh light, then give Joel Paterson’s Let It Be Guitar! a spin today.

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