Album Premiere: Low Tide’s “The Alchemist”

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Americana Highways is pleased to bring you this premiere stream of Low Tide’s The Alchemist, available Oct 25.  The Alchemist is Eli Oberman on vocals, violin, and mandolin; Courtney Robbins on guitar; and Fen Ikner on drums, bass, and keys.  The album front cover image is by Trudie Kaiser, the back cover image is by Jeanette Sears, and the design is by Kristen Kendrick.  The album was recorded by Maia MacDonald at 411;
mixed and mastered by Fen Ikner.

The Alchemist is captivating and thoughtful from start to finish.  Oberman’s gentle vocal tones are unsurpassed, while the musical arrangements on the album provide poignant tension and drama.

This album is from the perspective of a character called The Alchemist, a genderless being searching for balance in themselves through searching the natural world. It explores the natural elements of earth, wind, fire, and water and seeks balance, redemption, and purpose through the darkness and wreckage of our world. – Eli Oberman

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