Video Premiere: The Iveys’ “Colors of Honey”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of the Iveys’ “Colors of Honey.”  The song is the title track of their recently released album , which was produced by The Iveys and Gerado “Jerry” Ordonez.  “Colors of Honey” is Arlen Ivey on acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar & vocals;  Galen Ivey on drums and percussion; Jenna Ivey on violin and vocals; Jessica Ivey Carr on piano, keyboard and vocals;  Sam Carr on electric lead guitars and banjo; Adrian Esparza on mandolin and electric guitars; Bill Radcliffe on pedal steel; Emily Boomer on cello; Joe Cueto on violin; and Leslie Johnson on bass.

The video was written and directed by Brandon Gass with Galen Ivey as director of photography; and 1st Assistant Camera: Irvin Sanchez (1st assistant camera), Jenna Ivey (production designer) and Jose Loera (sound designer).  The cast is Émilie Rasmussen (girl), Adam Logan (boy), Gail Wheeler (woman) and Dave Edwards (man).  In a dreamscape, the colors of honey and the feathers of the bird appear in a natural rainbow and the fluidity of the Iveys’ musicianship.  With the video’s aerial footage, the Iveys’ Gaelic harmonies entwine with the majesty of nature.

When working on “Colors of Honey,” I wanted it to be a song that you could experience: a soundscape you can dive into if you choose, but can still be appreciated by the effect on the surface.  It needed to say something not by pushing or prodding, but by drawing the listener in and inviting their thoughts into the air so that they might combine with the sound to craft a unique journey. — Galen Ivey

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