REVIEW: Harvest Sons’ “Flat Black Sessions Vol. 2” is a Solid Rust Belt Americana EP


On September 23rd, Peoria-Illinois based alt-americana rock group Harvest Sons released their second EP, Flat Black Sessions, Vol. 2. The EP strings together lessons of love and life on the road through profound lyricism and tight instrumentation. Band members Seth Curtis Coquit, Elyse Wiley, and Nik Grafelman served as principal writers on this project, while Daniel Watkins, Nathan Cowan, and Nathan Glaser fill out the rest of the band.

“Lights on Lindsay”, the EP’s lead single, follows the group’s lead singer Seth Curtis Coquit as he’s torn between the two loves of his life – playing music and his significant other (Lindsay). The song unfolds beautifully, starting with minimal instrumentation during the verses before the full band comes in during the chorus. The chorus climaxes with longing affection, “I love you, and I miss you so / but I’ll see you again here soon, Lindsay leave the porch light on.”

The distribution of vocal and instrumental parts throughout the tracklist gave freshness to each song. Every song unfolds in an interesting manner, unique and different from the last. Rich, tight harmonies fill out the sonic landscape. In addition, it was a pleasant surprise hearing Elyse sing lead vocals on the tear-jerker “Nevermind.” In addition, “Nevermind” features some unique and engaging drum work that sets it apart. “When We Were Wildflowers” features some beautiful intermingling of guitar and fiddle parts. “Dawn to Dusk” begins somewhat ominously, but grows into a hopeful longing. “Oh, please don’t go” Elyse and Seth sings in the refrain, and finish the chorus on “I want you to come home.” The album ends on the reflective “Traveler’s Chance,” a rumination on love and life on the road that satisfyingly ties the EP together.

As a whole, Flat Back Sessions, Vol. 2 is a well-crafted collection of songs that is sure to earn the rust-belt americana group some new fans. Stream the album now on Spotify and Apple Music, and find more information on the Harvest Sons at


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