Song Premiere: Nick Nace’s “Arkansas Traveler”

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Americana Highways presents this song premiere of Nick Nace’s “Arkansas Traveler” from his album Wrestling With The Mystery, produced by Jon Latham and due out on October 25 on Flour Sack Cape.

Wrestling With The Mystery was recorded by Gabe Masterson at Cafe Rooster, with mixing and additional recording by J.D. Tiner at Glass Onion. The record was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

“Arkansas Traveler” is Nick Nace on vocals and acoustic guitar; Jon Latham on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar; Steven Cooper on acoustic and electric guitar and additional production; Chase McGillis on electric and upright bass; Erin Nelson on drums; and Megan Palmer on vocals and violin. The background chorus is Brian Wright, Sally Jaye, Chris Moyse, Megan Palmer, Gabe Masterson, Adrienne Pacheco & Jon Latham.

This is a rollicking number with a TexArkana vibe about a home wrecking cheater whose jig is up.  And you’ll dance a job of joy along with Nace as it all goes down in his relatable songwriting.  Wrestling with the Mystery is the best kind of album, with its perfectly portioned Americana country-rock blend.  And a tip of the hat to producer Jon Latham.

One time I was talking to this fellow from the Ozarks who told me that there was this variety of tomato in Arkansas called the Arkansas Traveler. I thought that was way too good of a name for a tomato so I went home and wrote this song. Little did I know until sometime later that the tomato was actually named after a famous old folk song called Arkansas Traveler. So it’s come full circle. It was a tomato named after a folk song and now it’s a folk song named after a tomato. — Nick Nace

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