Show Review: Brent Cobb Brings a Little Georgia to the Bowery Ballroom

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Being able to see Brent Cobb, and his band Them, in an intimate setting is a privilege. He’s spent much of the year opening up for Chris Stapleton on the All-American Roadshow, but you can tell he’s having a hell of a time on this Sucker for a Good Time headlining tour from all the beer stains on his acoustic guitar.

There’s basically three elements to the Brent Cobb show. He does the laid back, Shine on Rainy Day songs like “Solving Problems”, “Travelling Poor Boy” and “Country Bound”, that make you want to drop it all, buy a little land in south Georgia and raise some babies.

Then they turn up the Telecasters and lean into a little Country Funk straight out of the Larry Jon Wilson playbook. “Ain’t a Road too Long” and “.30-06” could turn off the idle chatter of the 20,000 folks waiting for Chris Stapleton on any given night. In the Bowery Ballroom on a Saturday night, it sounds even better.

Finally though, for me at least, the highlight is the swampy drop-D trio of “Let the Rain Come Down”, “Down in the Gulley” and “Black Crow”. For these three, it gets a little aggressive, and Cobb’s guitar player Mike Harris plays some slide guitar so unhinged it feels like your caught in the eye wall of a Georgia hurricane. It’s no wonder Harris now plays full-time in Stapleton’s touring band.

Be sure to catch Cobb on either the Sucker for a Good Time tour or upcoming dates with Chris Stapleton. You won’t be disappointed. And be sure to check out the writing credits on your Country records, Cobb’s probably penned a couple of your favourites.

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