Video Premiere: Ordinary Elephant’s “If I Am Being Honest”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Ordinary Elephant’s song “If I Am Being Honest” from their recent album.  This video is a live performance with Crystal Hariu-Damore on vocals and guitar; and  Pete Damore on vocals and banjo.  The video was directed by camera operator Ben Goldsher, with Brandon D. Taylor, post production & audio engineer; and was produced by Hawks And Reed Films.

The video cinematography is spacious and the sound is big, bright and bold as it echoes to the heights of grandeur.  The banjo punctuates the song in the most delightful way and with one listen you’ll see what all the fuss about Ordinary Elephant is about.  Grab their album today and experience them all the way through.

Many of our close friends are raising young kids right now. We have so much respect for them, and given today’s world, we can only imagine the challenges they face. It feels like it would often be hard to know what to say to your children. — Crystal Hariu-Damore

Order here or here:, and check tour dates below the video:

9/26 Colorado Springs, CO

9/27 La Veta, CO

9/28 Fort Collins, CO

10/2 Kansas City, MO

10/3 Olathe, KS

10/4 Oklahoma City, OK

10/5 Tulsa, OK

10/6 Lawrence, KS

10/9 Minneapolis, MN

10/10 Bishop Hill, IL

10/11 Arlington Heights, IL

10/12 Chicago, IL

10/13 Madison, WI

10/18 Evansville, IN

10/19 Indianapolis, IN

10/25 Columbus, OH

10/29 Ann Arbor, MI

10/30 Lake Orion, MI

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