REVIEW: Walt Cronin’s “Sense the World” is Brooding Mystique


On Walt Cronin and the Gousters’ newest effort, Sense the World, the established troubadour paints many bold portraits. His voice is every bit as brooding as was Leonard Cohen’s in his later years, yet his lyrics (much like Cohen’s) are spoken like a true poet of the first order. With a darkened mystique much like that of an elder Johnny Cash, Cronin, in his peculiar spirit, sets the pace with his new set of material.

From the title track to “We Were Young Then,” the album’s closer, Cronin delivers each song in Kristofferson-esq spirit. The galloping, western undertones of “Way Back Home” and the rollicking “Try to Be Kind” suggest a let go and go on way of living while other tracks such as the swaying of “Vagabonds” and “Tumble Me Down” offer up more in scenery as shown lyrically in the ever revolving American ways of life.

With other tracks such as the telling “Dancin’ Girl”, Cronin’s latest is brash, haunting, and bending in so many ways as he gives us his own sense of the world as he knows it.  Check it out right here:

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