Song Premiere: RB Morris’ “Red Sky”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of the title track from RB Morris’ upcoming release Red Sky. The album was produced by Bo Ramsey and R.B. Morris, engineered by Duane Lundy, mixed by Neilson Hubbard, and recorded at Shangri-La Studios, Lexington, KY. Red Sky is RB Morris on acoustic guitar and vocals, Greg Horne on pedal steel and high string guitar, Daniel Kimbro on upright bass and baritone guitar, Hunter Deacon on drums, Mickey Raphael on harmonica and David Mansfield on fiddle.

With an uncanny synthesis of strength and tranquility, the dynamic interplay between the instruments reverberates with the vocals crooning captivating songwriting on Red Sky.  Forget anything else on your list, order this one immediately and savor it.  RB Morris, working with this team of talented musicians featuring Bo Ramsey and Mickey Raphael, has truly created a gift for music lovers.

I always called this my ‘dustbowl record’, not that it had anything to do with the Dustbowl, it was just dusty old highway songs and stories that came from my early road trips out west. A couple written on the side of the road thumbing across the country, and car rides, just you and a buddy bustin’ out for the high and wide, see how far you could get, see what’s out there. My youthful adventurous education. And ever now and then I’d write a song and say that one goes in the dustbowl just cause it came out of those days or had that feeling. Bo Ramsey and I talked about it a few times way back, about making the dustbowl record, him producing it. We finally did it. And Mickey Raphael too, I had mentioned it to him over the years because he could conjure those western landscapes. And he joined in. And way back I talked to Jim Herrington about us taking a road trip out west and somehow working that into this record. Well he took the road trip and made photographs along the way and some of those are part of it. So they all came through, and here it is.  — RB Morris

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12 thoughts on “Song Premiere: RB Morris’ “Red Sky”

  1. RB Morris is an American treasure. His voice is like smooth bourbon, the fiddles on this track are soaked in Guinness, and the harmonica aches so good. Red Sky in the morning, record producers take warning, Red Sky at night, lonely lover’s delight. Phil Cousineau

  2. The rambling mind while rambling, the yearning mind while searching dusty old thoughts sooth my ears and warm my heart. Glad these thoughts got captured. Thanks!

  3. Lovely song, great musicians and lyrics and RB Morris your voice is smooth and beautiful. Makes me want to dance.

  4. Nice! Can’t wait to hear the rest when the new CD comes out. Come do a house party at our house in DC! Leon & Caroline

  5. What a gift to have this song, your voice, these instruments and musicians, that arrangement. It is very transporting, I went somewhere and loved the trip. I can’t wait to hear all the songs on this record.

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