Show Review: Newport Folk Fest 2019, Day by Day, a Photographer’s View

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Photos:   Day One of Newport Folk Festival 2019 

Once again the Newport Folk Festival exceeded all expectations. The sixtieth anniversary of the festival was filled with stellar performances of newcomers, music veterans, and unexpected collaborations.

Black Belt Eagle Scout, Adia Victoria, Devon Gilfillian, Bonny Light Horseman, Liz Cooper performed sets in which fans won’t soon forget. If these performances were a preview of these bands’ futures, the future is bright!

Yola was formally introduced to the Newport Family. The British artist seemed to be everywhere over the weekend. The towering voice was a welcomed addition to each band she sat in with.

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Photos:  Day 2 of the Newport Folk Festival 2019

The final musical all star set “If I Had A Song” is always memorable. This year volunteers passed out songbooks. Newport Folk Festival organizer Jay Sweet has carried on Pete Seeger’s belief that if we put our voices together, we can create something bigger, stronger, and more beautiful than any of us alone. Songs such as “Instant Karma”, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, and “Everyday People” among others were placed in the songbook. But perhaps the most endearing and most memorable performance of the entire weekend included a small green frog. Kermit The Frog started off the set with “The Rainbow Connection” and was later accompanied by Jim James. The finale included “This Land Is Your Land” and “Goodnight Irene”. with Rambling Jack Elliot allowed the crowd realize Pete Seeger’s influence, bring closure to the weekend, and begin the countdown to next year’s festival.

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