Song Premiere: Ben Davis Jr’s “Line Boat Blues” feat. David Childers

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere track “Line Boat Blues” from Ben Davis’ new album, Suthernahia.  Suthernahia was produced, recorded, and mixed by Eddie Ashworth at the Oxide Shed, Coolville Ridge, Athens, OH (with additional recording by Chris Garges at Old House Studio, Charlotte, NC). “Line Boat Blues” is Ben Davis Jr on guitar and voice, Erik Miller on drums, Levi Westfall on bass and backing vocals, Ben Ervin on guitar, Eddie Ashworth on electric piano, and featuring David Childers on harmonica and vocals.

This rockin’ number will grab you from the first measure with its two-step riverboat shuffle on this early taste of Suthernahia.  Suthernahia is solid rootsy southern rock ‘n roll, the kind of album that you’ll want to listen to all the way through — and then you’ll put it on repeat.  To top it off, fans of David Childers will appreciate the cameo.

This song came to me while living in Pomeroy, OH, where I first discovered my favorite songwriter, David Childers. The experience of discovering David’s music has made an undeniable impact on my writing. Hearing his voice on this track was certainly a bucket-list worthy goal, and I’m so incredibly grateful that he lent us his talent! It’s not uncommon to look out the window and see barge after barge passing by and men and women working their backs stiff day in and day out. They spend 28 days away from home on average and then come home for 28 over and over again. There’s no off-season for these folks. They just work. I have a friend Austin Hill, who worked on the river, and I actually based this song off of his experiences.”-Ben Davis jr

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