Video Premiere: Buddhi de Mal’s “Shot From Behind”


Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Buddhi de Mal’s “Shot from Behind” from.  which was mixed and mastered by Eric Corne (Forty Below Records).  “Shot From Behind” is Buddhi de Mal on vocals & harmonica, Elijah C Sinthaby as the voice actor, Blair Shotts on drums & percussion, Antoine Salem on electric guitar, Arthur Pochon on synth bass, Jungshi Aier on electric bass, and Katsuya Sezaki on synthesizer.  The video features Shifani Riffai (Illustrator) and  Randy Chriz from Meraki United (Animator).

The music is gold, and the video is entertaining and skillfully executed.  Watch for a unique Sri Lankan interpretation of Americana music, with a character traveling through reincarnations!

Bringing to life a character who reincarnates as a rebel that grows in each lifetime was no easy task and making his story into a full length album is one of my biggest creative challenges as a songwriter, storyteller and producer. — Buddhi de Mal

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