Album Premiere: Jake Riley and the Social Workers’ “For All and None”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jake Riley and the Social Workers new album, For All and None. The album was produced and mixed by Gabe Doman; and mastered by Isaac Richmond Vander Schuur. The band is Jake RIley on vocals and rhythm guitar; Ryan Teachout on lead guitar; David Zeman on bass and Dan Leonard on drums.

A breath of fresh Americana air, Jake Riley and the Social Workers blend earnest philosophies with independent defiance and an irresistible set of alt country sounds. The title track juxtaposes analysis of rising temperatures and diseased thinking. “Ecological Thought” tackles extinction and global warming over electric guitar. “Facts and Figures,” along with the rest of the album is a fast paced mirroring of the hectic pace of life and soundbites with the vocals switching channels.

The title of the album, For All and None, is taken from the subtitle of Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None. I liked this title for the album because musically, the album is “for all,” who enjoy a blend of indie rock, alt-country, and punk. However, we wanted to use familiar sounds and conversational tone to convey less familiar content. While a lot of great songwriters I admire write narratives through compelling characters, these songs start with a concept and develop into a kind of argument, which I suppose makes sense given that my day job is teaching college writing. — Jake Riley

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