Video Premiere: Jerry Castle’s “Brand New Hello”

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Americana Highways presents this video of Jerry Castle’s “Brand New Hello,” the title track from his recent release.      “Brand New Hello” is Jerry Castle on guitar, keyboards, and synths,  Doug Lancio (Colin Hay, Todd Snider, Jim Lauderdale) on guitar, Hayden Cotcher on drums and percussion, Andrew Brown on bass, and  Meg Eisler and Natalie Duffy on backing vocals.

The video was shot by Stacie Huckeba and edited by Jerry Castle.  “Brand New Hello” is  rousing motivation for the times we need to hear things are going to turn around soon.  With sunrises and commanding live footage of the band, Jerry Castle appears as a leader through dark times.  “Brand New Hello” is the transformative music we need right now to march forward.

“Brand New Hello” is a song about needing a fresh start. It’s written from the point of view that a person is giving advice to a disillusioned friend. This person is essentially saying, “hey, you’ve been through hard life situations before and you’ve always overcame it. Just hang in there and you’ll eventually come out on the other side. — Jerry Castle

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